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What do Google Ads, SEO, website creation and social advertising have in common? They all come with fiddly technical requirements and best practice methods for getting results. The problem is, online manuals and blogs give generic advice, not tailored to your business or circumstance. As your marketing coach, my advice is not generic.

Ever spent hours trawling through marketing how-to articles?

Me too, when I was a novice straight out of university. I know the endless time that can be wasted trying to figure out why your website isn’t ranking as well as it should be, or your Google ads aren’t getting clicks, or how to set up the perfect Facebook campaign.

The thing with how-to articles and generic blog posts is they can only take you so far. You think you’re doing everything these online guides have told you to but the enquiries aren’t increasing.

What’s the problem?

Well, every single business is unique. There is no cut and paste online marketing strategy that can be applied like a formula for success. Plus, the marketing industry changes daily – new tech enters the scene, social platforms change their algorithms. It’s hard to keep up even when online marketing is your profession, let alone if you’re still learning and trying to run a profitable business.

What a marketing coaching session will help you to do

During a one on one coaching session, we delve into your actual marketing channels, activity and results. I verbally assess your current set up, identify potential issues and make recommendations for improvement. If you’re just getting started, I give you the basic actions most important to put in place and where to go after that.

You, on the other hand, spend just a couple of hours getting to grips with a topic or approach, by asking as many questions as you like.

Our coaching sessions can be technical, teaching you the ins and outs of Google AdWords, WordPress, or analytics programs like Google Analytics. Or if the thought of diving into all that tech makes you feel an intense sense of panic, we can keep it top line, talking about strategy, best practice and actionable tips and tricks.

After a marketing coaching session, you can expect to:

  • End the call more confident and ready to tackle your issues
  • Have increased your understanding of set topics
  • Know where you can optimise and improve your current activity
  • Learn online marketing best practice and tips in bite-sized chunks
  • Able to make fast changes that save you hours of time guessing
  • Get better results, faster than if you were to go it all alone

I was feeling overwhelmed in my business with so little time to spend on what I really needed to do. I was running around in circles from one social media platform to the next but never really moving forward. Aimee has helped me overcome all this by strategising my marketing and social media and allowing me to focus on my strengths. Not only is Aimee highly productive, efficient, responsive and professional, she is also extremely pleasant to deal with and has great communication skills. Her experience working at a senior level in digital campaigns has been a major asset when it comes to providing sound advice. I can guarantee that Aimee will give you 100% productivity and she will save you many hours of unnecessary work and stress by being on your team!

Una Phelan

Econscious Living

Online Marketing Coach Sessions

As online marketing is such a vast and changing industry, there is simply so much to learn. As a marketing professional, I am constantly refreshing and updating my skills and knowledge, and I do it full-time!

So to make sure you get the most out of our time together and avoid overwhelm, I advise that we keep a coaching session to one single topic, two at the very maximum. If it’s two, they should be closely related, like websites and SEO.

The marketing coaching happens online (it’s only fitting!) and usually via Zoom Video Call as this allows for screen-sharing meaning we can be super efficient with our time (because that’s what I’m all about).

Occasionally, I may be able to meet in person if you are a solopreneur or small business owner based in Perth, Australia.

Have a browse through the standard coaching sessions I offer below and if you don’t see the topic you’d like help with, arrange a call with me anyway and I can let you know if it’s something I can help with.

Online Marketing Strategy & Planning

Requires 1 – 2 hours

If you’ve prepared a marketing strategy document (tip one – you should have one of these!) you simply email this to me prior to our call, so I can read and digest it before we speak.

Then, we jump online and spend time talking through my feedback and recommendations, your ideas and your questions.

If you don’t have a strategy in place, this coaching session is about showing you where to start and how to prepare one.

Better Website & SEO

Requires 2 hours

In this session, we’ll talk through the current set up of your website and how you can make actionable changes that will improve the number of people coming to your website, the quality of the visitors and the number of visitors going on to make an enquiry.

I’ll need your web address and access to any analytics accounts you use before we jump on our call (Google Analytics, Google Search Console etc).

Blogging & Content Strategy

Requires 2 hours

It’s not enough to simply write consistently.  Business blogging needs to be highly strategic if it’s going to make a difference. In this coaching session, we’ll talk through your current or planned content strategy, which could include blogging, ebooks, infographics, or videos.

We’ll review your blog posts and whether these can be improved for both SEO and engaging visitors to your site. I’ll give you actionable steps to being a better blogger.

Social Media For Business

Requires 1 – 2 hours

Using Facebook personally and using it for business are two different things. The biggest mistake I see businesses make is treating Facebook or Instagram as though it’s a broadcast sales channel.

In this session, we can either review your social media presence together and work out how you can best use, improve and profit from this moving forward. Or, I can simply give you a one-on-one workshop about how to approach different social channels and publish great content.

Google Ads & PPC

Requires 1 – 2 hours

It starts with keyword research and working out your ad strategy, then covers best practices for account set up, understanding keyword match types, writing ads that drive action, and managing and reporting for the best results. 

This coaching session will guide you through the often frustrating technicalities of Google Ads and ensure you have the best chance to generate a return.


Email Marketing & Automation

Requires 2 hours

This coaching session is all about saving you time and effort when you communicate with your email subscribers. It’s about automating processes with a bit of technical set up that will allow you to nurture potential customers without needing to lift a finger in the future.

I’ll also give you feedback on your email approach and content, based on your business goals, so you can grow your email list and customers.



Online marketing expertise

Strategy & Planning

Companies that have a documented marketing strategy grow faster.


Organic traffic has a 14.6% conversion rate, can you afford not to rank?


User experience on your site impacts whether they'll enquire.


Businesses that blog generate more leads than those that don't.

Social Advertising

54% of social browsers use social media to research products.


Understanding your performance is step one to successful marketing.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one the best ROI-driving channels online.

Google Ads

Google Ads get your business in front of people with an intention to buy.

1:1 Training

1:1 training for marketing is more efficient than endless Google-ing.

Since working with Aimee we’ve noticed a sharp increase in website form submissions (including some from very big companies), highly targeted PPC campaigns set up & running, almost a 50% increase in keywords ranking on the 1st page of Google and our marketing strategy has been created & defined so we now have a clear direction for the business. Aimee has taken a huge weight off of my shoulders as she is proactive and autonomous which is exactly what all small businesses need. I’d highly recommend Aimee as she has been a crucial part in MarCloud’s progress.”

Tom Ryan

Small Business Owner, MarCloud Consulting


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