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Alphabet Corner Nursery has been caring for children since 2008. The website was built when the business was first set up and hadn’t been updated since.

This meant it had lots of technical issues that prevented it from ranking well on search engines but also provided a negative experience for visitors to the site. The site also lacked any form of tracking so the team couldn’t see how it was performing.

Debbie Knowlton, the Owner of Alphabet Corner, approached me to deliver her an entirely new website with a new look and feel but keeping in line with existing marketing assets and material.

Creating a website that will last

To ensure Alphabet Corner had a website that would make them more visible online and also impress parents, I used data collected during keyword research to structure the site in a way that was best for search engines and people.

Then, using assets such as a print brochure and new photography provided by Alphabet Corner Nursery on my recommendation, I designed and built a site that not only looks great but works hard to attract and convert visitors too.

Lastly, full Google Analytics tracking was set up and a 1:1 coaching session delivered with the person who would continue to manage and update the site as and when it’s needed.

The result

The Alphabet Corner website was built in line with best practice so that it can stand the test of time and won’t require a complete overhaul in the near-distant future.

As childcare businesses are so closely regulated by bodies such as Ofsted, the website not only serves to impress parents and receive enquiries but to ensure assessors can quickly review and easily see that information is clearly communicated to parents.

Two weeks after the new website launched, an Ofsted inspection took place and the assessor congratulated the launch of a great new site.

The website has a conversion rate of 9.47%, hugely above the standard expected rate for a website in the childcare and education industry.


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