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Sue and Mark Thomas have been running a successful engine machining shop in Perth Western Australia for many years. As part of their marketing activity, they had tried out Google Ads but quickly found this was a bigger beast to handle than they initially thought.

Sue originally contacted me for a 1:1 coaching session on Google Ads and I delivered this at their premises.

Soon into the coaching session though, Sue realised there was a lot of time and knowledge required to run an efficient Google Ads campaign that would attract the right types of customers.

They decided to outsource the management of this channel to me.

How I approached Google Ads 

Setting a Google Ads campaign up correctly to begin with will determine how successful your advertising will be.

My approach is always to lead with keyword and competitor research, then plan and document the account structure before I do anything else.

So, once I had planned the best structure for Harris Engines and given them an idea of the investment required, I could write ads and extensions that would trigger for the right search terms but also entice a user to click.

Most importantly, I set up full tracking on website goals such as enquiry form completions, clicks to email and clicks to call.



The result

The Harris Engines Google Ads campaign started as a three-month trial but has now been live for well over a year.

Since it’s launch, the business has received significantly more website enquiries, so many so that they find themselves very busy and eagerly tell me, “We love Google Ads!”.

Overall website traffic is up by 120% and Google Ads drives the largest amount of this traffic.

Google Ads also delivers the majority of website enquiries, which is the ideal result.


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