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Bart Kuiper founded Mixology Crew as a side-hustle to his day job working in IT. Getting the most out of the limited time he had available to work on the business has always been important for him. 

When Bart and I first met, the existing WordPress website was a temporary placeholder until a more engaging and SEO-ready site could be built. I was engaged to update the website from a brand, UX, and search engine optimised point of view, so that more people would discover Mixology Crew online and proceed to buy its product.

Fast improvements and a long-term approach

Quickly, I made updates to the site structure and look and feel, to deliver Bart a website he was excited about; one that would both attract and encourage visitors to shop the Mixology Crew cocktail-making kit by clicking straight to its Amazon listing.

As Bart understood though, the website changes were a quick win but for the website to really begin to compete in organic search results, we needed fresh, original content to be posted regularly. Since the launch of the new website, I’ve researched, written and published regular fortnightly blogs to the website, all working to improve SEO and user experience.  

The result

Since restructuring and reskinning the website, then posting fortnightly blog posts fully optimised for humans and search engines, organic traffic has tripled within 6 months!

Bart and I continue to work together for blogging services, so future results are pending!

I have been a client of Aimee’s for several months now, and have been nothing short of impressed and delighted with the service I’ve received. Aimee has been helping me with my side hustle, an eCommerce business selling on the Amazon platform.

Time is the one thing I struggle with most being a full-time IT consultant and having Aimee help me push my business forward has been invaluable. To begin with, Aimee helped me to implement a complete refresh of my website, and I have now engaged Aimee to write a couple of blog posts for me each month. I plan to further engage with Aimee to help me define a digital marketing strategy, in order to take a strategic and holistic approach to my online marketing efforts.

Working in IT, I cannot overemphasise how refreshing it is to engage with someone as organised, structured and reliable as Aimee. These are qualities that are all too often lacking in those providing this type of service. Aimee has really taken the time to understand my product and target market, and the quality of the content Aimee has produced has been outstanding. In short, I cannot recommend Aimee highly enough!
Bart Kuiper

Small Business Owner, Mixology Crew


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