Why freelance life & online marketing?


I was once in the corporate world. I worked at marketing agencies, which are probably more creative and flexible than a lot of industries. Yet, I always felt like my time wasn’t being used productively as a full-time office worker. I found the routine and pre-determined hours monotonous and a drain. So I took control of my time and became a freelancer providing online marketing for business in Perth and overseas.

Three things you should know about me

  • I can’t stand a cluttered inbox or unchecked notifications. Seriously, those people who have 3000 emails in their inbox and zero folder organisation, just how do you sleep at night?
  • I completely adore travel. The lifestyle I lead is very mobile and I’m often popping off to new countries. Don’t worry though, the laptop comes with me and I’m excellent at time-management.
  • I’m one of those annoying overly positive people who always finds a silver lining in anything.

If you were to ask one of my clients or former colleagues about me, you’d hear the same traits every time; super organised, efficient, proactive and reliable and strategic.

Most of all though, they’d assure you that I genuinely want to add value when we work together so you can grow your business.



From the corporate routine to controlling my own time


Aimee Binstead Trusted Online Marketer

Time is the most valuable asset we have as humans on this planet.

After years of giving away more time than was necessary and trying to stay in my employers' good books whilst balancing a love of worldwide travel, I realised that it was completely possible to do both.

If there's one thing that COVID-19 has taught us about the way we work, it's that needing to be physically present in an office in order to get things done is an old-school way of thinking.

Sat at a desk from nine to five regardless of the workload, I'd find myself agitated and stressed. I knew I could do a better job if I focused on productivity and output instead of clocking hours.

So here we are! All my knowledge and experience is now used to work independently, with likeminded business owners.

Without a shadow of a doubt, as a Perth marketing consultant, I am more productive, mentally healthy, flexible, efficient and passionate about what I do.

Which means my clients benefit from a partnership with a trusted, reliable digital marketing specialist.

Professional Background & Certificates

Digital Campaign Manager

Gatecrasher Advertising, Australia

The most recent agency role I held, in which I advised and independently planned digital campaigns, including budgets, strategy, targets and KPIs, for Australian enterprise businesses such as St John Ambulance WA, Cancer Council WA, Transperth, ABC Blinds, and more. Notable results include:

– 40% less cost-per-acquisition from Google AdWords for a national online retailer in Australia

– ROI in excess of 2000% for a charitable lottery brand

– Recapturing and driving 2% of website abandoners  back to a retailer’s site to increase purchase rate

Marketing Manager

Really B2B, United Kingdom

A multi-faceted role that saw me managing the agency’s new business generation activities via business-to-business content, social media, email and website landing pages, whilst simultaneously servicing clients with effective lead generation email campaigns. Key achievements in the role were:

– Increasing traffic to the website by 184%

– Building a 220% increase in LinkedIn page followers

– Reaching a 900% lead increase from inbound activity

– Delivering over £200,000 in ROI from email marketing

BA (Hons) Degree - Communication & Media - Bournemouth Uni

Inbound Marketing & Software Certification - HubSpot Academy

Digital Analytics Fundamentals - Google Analytics Academy

“Focus on being productive instead of busy” – Tim Ferris


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