Small business owners face plenty of challenges in the day to day running of a mini-empire. Among these challenges is juggling online marketing with a limited number of hours in the day and a to-do list as long as your arm.

small business survey by Constant Contact found that small business owners spend an average of 20 hours per week on marketing.

That’s almost three working days spent on marketing tasks alone!

The question is, are these 20 hours being spent productively? Are they truly contributing to growing the business?

Or are many small business owners overwhelmed by online marketing and struggling to get real results because they’re overcome by the chaos of so many channels, tactics, advertising options and ways to reach an audience these days.

In my experience, the latter is very true for so many entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Online marketing is a paradox of choice.

The possibilities are huge which is touted as an exciting thing for businesses but in reality, the sheer volume of options can be intimidating.

With more social networks cropping up and the rules of the online marketing world forever changing along with algorithms, many clients I work with approach me because they simply don’t know how to make real progress.

They feel like they are doing a lot.

But not achieving anything notable.

Or they want to get better results but have no idea where to focus their time and effort.

Now I’m the type of person that bloody loves to turn chaos into organisation.

I’m all about to-do lists, process docs, visual flowcharts and action plans (some might say I’m a nerd, and they would be correct).

Which is why I’ve put my best tips for making sense of online marketing chaos into a very simple and visual infographic for you, just below.

If you’re a small business owner who feels as though online marketing is stealing your time, putting these tips into action can absolutely help you to be more productive and excited by the effect your marketing has on the business.

Enjoy and please share with your fellow business owner friends!


Online marketing chaos infographic

(Click to view and zoom in a new tab)

Of course, what’s not included in the infographic above is the suggestion that outsourcing some of your online marketing activity to a freelancer is a great way to take back your time.

When you work with a great and experienced marketing freelancer, you can provide input into marketing projects but relieve yourself of writing the plan, doing the technical set up, and pulling together those monthly reports and actions for improvement.

Learn what to expect from your marketing freelancer and whether a freelancer is the right choice for you.

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Hello there business owner!

I'm Aimee, an online marketing freelancer based in Perth, Western Australia. I believe that time is our most important asset as humans on this planet, which is why I left the corporate office world of marketing agencies to run my own days as a self-employed online marketer. It's also why I work exclusively with small business owners who need a trusted, reliable marketer to relieve them of tasks that steal their time away. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to speak with you one day very soon!

About the author

Aimee Binstead is an online marketing freelancer based in Perth, Western Australia. She truly believes that time is our biggest asset and something we don't get to claim at the end of the tax year.

She spends her working hours supporting small business owners and the rest of her time exploring Australia in a campervan, watching sunsets, or jetting overseas for adventures.

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